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Grades 6 - 8

On Sunday mornings children from sixth to eighth grade attend the beginning of 2nd Worship with their parents until it is time for class as indicated in the worship bulletin. At that time, children will receive a blessing and then continue to Children’s Church together.

Grades 6-7 will leave the sanctuary and proceed directly to their class.  The Grades 6-8 curriculum engages faith through creativity and the arts.

Classes for Grades 1-8 conclude at the end of worship. Students will be released from class to meet their families.

Creativity and the Arts

The middle school curriculum is divided into the following three sections.

September to Mid-January: Art Mural Workshop

This class meets each Sunday in the Art Studio located in the lower level. Students work cooperatively to paint large six-by-eight-foot canvas murals. The workshop begins with a brief study of the fall themes, and then the class selects the artwork and designs for the murals. These murals are used in the rotation classrooms, in First Worship, in Second Worship, and in the Christmas pageants, and are often on display in Village Common. Murals have been featured in the Wellesley Middle School musicals, they have been donated to the Charles Street AME Church in love and partnership at our joint Sharing the Dream service, and they have been donated to orphanages in Ecuador.

Late January and Early February: Art in Worship

The class will work with our Pastoral Resident to bring art into worship. Using the murals they painted in the fall, students will work together to create liturgy and present it to the congregation at a Second Worship service.

March to June: The Bible

re:form Foundational theology

Empower youth to explore their faith and ask the questions they actually wonder about the Bible, creed, disciples, Jesus, other beliefs, and hot topics. (sparkhouse.com)

Grades 8 - 12 Service Opportunity - Sunday mornings during 10 AM worship students in grades 8 through 12 may meet teen teachers in the children's church rooms:

  • Play time in the Family Worship Room

  • Assitant teach: pre-K/K classroom, grades 1 & 2, grades 3, 4 & 5.

Email Michaela McDonald for a link to the sign-up sheet.


Our Children’s Church classes are taught by dedicated volunteers, with training and support from Michaela McDonald, Director of Children’s Ministries. Might you be called to join us?

Upcoming Grades 6 - 8 Events