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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a primary and multifaceted ministry of Village Church.  It includes our pastors, our Worship Deacons, our Community Deacons, our Caring Connection ministry, and many members of the church who provide practical assistance and care for those in need.  These ministries are coordinated by Associate Pastor Diane Seaborn.

Pastoral Care with Clergy

All of our pastors are available to talk with you confidentially about any concerns you would bring, or when a loved one is ill or has died, or whenever a visit at home or hospital would be welcomed.  We are able to offer spiritual guidance as well as referrals for counseling, crisis intervention, and other support groups that may be of help to you.

Any of our pastors would be glad to hear from you.  You can find their contact information in the staff directory.

Pastoral Care With Each Other

Pastoral Care is not just the work of the pastors, but is most effective and responsive as the ministry of members to and with each other.  It is the essence of "bonding together in community," that hallmark of the church that helps to ground us in the mission of Christ.

By its very nature, pastoral care is a quiet ministry, offered and received one to one.  It is based not on high visibility but on caring, compassionate listening and tangible, practical support.  The fruits of this ministry make us a faith community that cares for each other and helps people find one another so that none of us is alone, whether in sickness, sorrow, celebration, or the rites of passage that are a part of our spiritual lives.

Pastoral Care Opportunities

Might you be called to join in our ministries of pastoral care?  The links below describe the many different ways you might share your gifts of care in our community.

Caring Connection

Healing Services 

Hymns on Wheels  

Knitting and Sewing Ministry 

Memorial Service Committee 

Ministry of Last Things 

North Hill Worship 

Prayer Shawl Ministry 

"In Case of Emergency" Contact Form

From time to time, there is a situation when church pastors are helped by having a connection to an emergency contact person for a church member.  If this is information you would like to share with us, we invite you to fill out this form.