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Youth Group Advisors

Our youth program operates under the guidance of Associate Pastor Pam Emslie and a group of dedicated adult and youth advisors.

Adult Advisors

Each year there are as many as 16 adults who commit to serve as an adult advisor for a full year of programming. We are so grateful to the adults who offer so much of their time to serve the youth of our church. It is a true calling and a labor of love for these adults.

Youth Advisors

Each youth group is also advised by a group of older students: high school sophomores for the Sixth Grade Youth Group, juniors for the Middle School Youth Group, and seniors for the Confirmation class. The relationship between the advisors and the group members is always memorable.

The youth advisor program began with seniors and confirmands. It was expanded several years ago at the suggestion of a confirmand named Katherine Bell, who didn’t want to wait until her senior year to serve as an advisor. Katherine writes about her experience:

“As a freshman I really looked up to our high school Confirmation advisors. They were so welcoming, and really helped make the confirmation experience. I thought it would be great if younger high school youth had the opportunity to act as advisors and role models for the Sixth Grade and Middle School Youth Groups. I loved getting to know the sixth graders in Sixth Grade Youth Group last year, and it has been so much fun following them into Middle School Youth Group! It has been really great getting to know a wider variety of kids in the youth programs and interacting with them on a more personal level.”