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Youth Group Covenant

Each year, as part of our exploration of what it means to live in a Christian community, each youth group creates and commits to follow a covenant.  The following is an example of such a covenant:


Through the course of our journey in faith together, we, the gathered body of the Confirmation group of Wellesley Village Church, commit to the following covenant with one another and with God:

We commit to the values of honesty, trust, openness, and integrity, and we accept the risk of vulnerability that comes when we speak personally and of matters of deep importance.

We affirm the value of diversity and pledge to accept and to celebrate differences, even while we seek to highlight commonalities and to build bridges.

We accept the challenge and the joy of life-in-relationship-with-others, accepting the call to meet one another wherever we are on life’s journey, and resisting the creation of closed groups or cliques through being open and inclusive toward all people, especially those who are new to us.

We commit to finding joy in all that we do, to being serious when serious matters arise, to being playful during lighthearted times, and to having fun and enjoying each moment together.

We commit to being present—fully present—during our gathering times, as best as we are able, and to making confirmation a priority in our lives.

We commit to looking for and seeing the best in one another, always assuming good intentions and goodwill.

We commit to building one another up, recognizing that we are not in competition, but rather are called here to practice cooperation, mutuality, inclusiveness, and community, seeking in all things to be instruments of God’s love, peace, grace, hope, and forgiveness.