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Youth Service Trips

Part of our call as a faith community is to serve others and to open ourselves up to learn and be transformed by those we serve. The high school youth and confirmands (grades 9-12) have the opportunity to engage in this rich exchange by taking part in our annual service project. Approximately forty-eight youth, along with their  adult advisors, travel each year during spring break.

Year after year, the experience of this trip transforms the youth and advisors. It draws them closer to their own hearts, to the other youth on the trip, to the people they encounter, and to the nature of their faith and their calling in life. In their own words:

“I think that the experiences we encounter on a service project lead us to our identities.” —Leah Dowd 

“Mohamadou taught me so much that day. He inspired me to love more, to value my own emotions and to embrace my friendships, my relationships, and my family members with a tighter, more heartfelt grip.” —Sam Hutchinson 

“Getting away from the pressures of school and parents and living in an accepting and loving environment has made my faith grow to a new level.” —Brien Bates 

“So, seek out the water – smell it – feel it – taste it. Adapt to the cycle of seeking and receiving – seeking and receiving. All the time knowing the rain will come. And the thirst will be quenched.” —Dave Emslie

To learn more about our youth service trips, please contact Pam Emslie.

This Year’s Trip

We will travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico from April 13-20, 2019.  We go to serve others, to engage our faith in a concrete way, to learn about water and food issues of the southwest, to build relationships and transform our way of thinking about the world and to live for a week walking in rhythm with God’s Spirit as it leads the way with joy.