Worship at Village Church

Summer Worship ~ Sundays @ 9am in our Sanctuary

Followed by refreshments & conversation

Aug. 18 we host 10am Ecumenical Worship

A Joyful WELCOME! Our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Sarah S. Butter, and our many members joyfully welcome you to Wellesley Village Church.

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All ages welcome; children's programs provided. LEARN MORE >

New to Village Church?

Welcome! No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, we are glad you are visiting us and look forward to greeting you in person.

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Summer Worship Schedule

Family Life @ Village Church

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Latest News

The renovation construction has begun on Burtt Chapel, the expansion of Village Common, and the remodeling of the main floor kitchen. These areas will be inaccessible throughout the summer.

Perhaps you have seen a Christmas tree placed atop the last, topmost steel beam on a new building under construction. It is a tradition with many meanings, most of them related to a sense of gratitude. Often the beam is painted white and signed by the workers and the owners of the building.

The time we have collectively spent engaging in our Courageous Conversations struck a very responsive chord. We were thrilled to have more participants in these gatherings than we ever anticipated. We're planning for the future and would appreciate your input.