Sharon Kuhn

Sharon Kuhn is the part time Administrative Assistant to Senior Pastor Sarah Butter at Wellesley Village Church. Sharon has been a member of the Congregational Church of Weston since 2008 and started working at Wellesley Village in September 2019. Sharon is excited to serve in this unique position to help the two congregations collaborate as they explore what it means to do ministry as two congregations working together in the changing landscape of 21st century church. Sharon is delighted to put her admin skills of organization, efficiency, and creative problem solving to work in helping Sarah with her projects and programs to support this wonderful and vibrant community.
Sharon lives in Framingham and is a violin teacher and freelance performer in the Greater Boston area. In her spare time, she enjoys attempting to garden. For the first time in over 13 years, Sharon successfully grew some edible tomatoes after accidentally killing various tomato plants in many unfortunate ways unforeseeable to a beginner gardener. Sharon is also a beginner at crocheting and is trying to graduate from simple square/rectangular shaped things. She’s got scarves, coasters, and placemats down – and recently started trying to figure out hats, so far, the results are hilarious. She hopes to check out the knitting & sewing group at Wellesley Village Church to expand her scarf and hat making skills.

781.235.1988 x25

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